IP redirection to local machine

  • In my work environment, there is software that connects with a server at a client location to send data. The function performed by the client server planned to be moved to a VM that resides on our local network.

    Is there a way to use IP alias and or NAT rules to redirect traffic sent to this outside IP to an internal IP on our network?

    pfSense is the router/firewall. The sending IP is hard coded in the software and we have no way to contact the original programmer.


  • This can be done by NAT 1:1 if the client and the server are connected to different network ports. If that isn't given you can put the VM in a vLAN.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    not sure why you would need 1:1 nat, simple port forward should work for this.

  • Yes, just a port-forward with LAN as the interface instead of the usual WAN.

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