Pfsense SG-2220

  • After some research, I decide to scrape my plan to do a custom-build with pfSense, and just buy SG-2220. Anyone here have any idea about how long it will last when its run 24/7?

    Also, before I invest $300, I'd need to become much more knowledgeable as regards writing policies, rulesets, ect. Never had a home PC before, so never had to deal with this stuff. I need the SG-2220 to be both router and hardware firewall (using NAT & SPI). Need it to block all outgoing connections not absolutely necessary…especially any spyware or 'phone home' junk. Need it to block all ports not absolutely required, and protect against incoming attacks. So far as I can determine, all this depends on correctly writing policies and rulesets, so I need to be convinced this is something a newbie can learn. If anyone can direct me to links for any detailed step-by-step instructionals applicable to the SG2220, books, or maybe a crash course for beginners, I'd be grateful. Thanks.

  • Interface is web based and is pretty simple, I have no experience with the sg-2220 though. pfSense over all is pretty easy to get the hang of.

  • 1. Who knows how long a device will life and run?
    2. There are three books able to buy @amazon!
    3. You will be able to scroll through the pfSense online DOC´s!
    4. The forum here is also good to know for asking about all things.
    5. You may get also two support calls (email) that can be used.
    6. You might be also able to sign a GoldMembership and will be able to read then all hangouts and done projects.
    7. Or you may hire a pfSense Support expert that is configuring you all things you wish if all goes wrong if needed!

    Good to have:

    • Serial console cable or serial to USB cable or adapter.
      (If something went wrong)

    • SD card 4 GB or 8 GB
      (For logfiles)

    • USB pen drive
      (for booting and/or fresh installing)

    • M.2 SSD for a full install

    • WiFi card for WLAN access

    I personally would be more looking for a SG-2440 unit, but this should be seen from each side and by
    everybody itself. More ports, more RAM and more options.

  • I thought the 2440 with SSD was a good upgrade too.

    I looked at WiFi on the 2440 but the more I read the less I liked it, added a Unify AP** and I'm much happier with that.

    **Note on the Unifi, use the tablet/phone app to set it up and skip the controller unless you really want to keep a controller running 24x7 on a computer or Unifi CloudKey.

  • After further research I ran across this on another forum:

    I suggests that SG-2220 will not handle gigabit DSL or ADSL….or whatever uses. I'm sure they told me it was gigabit something! Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  • I have a 2220 in my home setting, just between a DSL-cable modem/router and a D-link 24p managed switch.
    (modem just as a modem, double NAT until I bridge my modem…)

    Now 1.5 years, and not a single problem.
    For me it was a starter-thing just to experiment and learn with, whitch was, and still is.
    And it only consumes less than 10 W.

    Verry happy with it. But if you've got a high wan-bandwith >200 Mbps (fiber e.g.), maybe you've better look for an more sophisticated version.

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