2.3.2 DNS resolver issue

  • Hi,

    Getting a issue with DNS resolver,

    keep getting the following error on all new entries in the table

    error : "Please match the format requested"

    Any idea how to resolve this?


  • Searching the pfSense forums for the error message is where I'd start.

  • No specific search result, the only thing i can find is related to DHCP and its pretty straight forward,

    I am using an IP in the field in the correct form  and actually the same has worked for me in the 2.3.1, because i was already using the DNS resolver to resolve the same Intranet site, existing entries are OK, but if i delete the existing and try to add the same again it pops up with the mentioned message.

    I am guessing this is a GUI issue.

  • Use advanced search with search order "most recent topics first".

    This specific issue is covered in several of those threads.

    It is the result of a know bug in Chrome.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    • Navigate to System > Package Manager, Available Packages tab
    • Install the System Patches package
    • Navigate to System > Patches
    • Click + Add New Patch
    • Enter the Description: Chrome Bug Workaround
    • Enter the URL/Commit ID: 83469e50681bf1ab0388e5cb756d5198b7f705f4
    • Click Save
    • Click Fetch
    • Click Apply

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