Traffic Routing

  • Okay heres the setup: Two tversity boxes (We'll call them box one and two), each with a wan and lan interface, both connecting to different APs from my isp (two different antennas), box one is the dhcp server for my network. Both boxes run into a switch which feeds my wired network and wireless network. What I want to do is route all http traffic from one desktop computer to box 2, and the xbox traffic to box 2. I would like to keep laptop 1 running all traffic through box 1. Now I can't figure out any rules that say (pretty simply) 'forward traffic on port 80 to box 2) WITHOUT setting box 2 as my default gateway on the desktop. Now yes this is a janky way to solve it, but now not only is it running all traffic through box 2, but it is causing problems with my media server. Any ideas are appreciated, and Im sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section.

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