Single port forwarding to multiple machines

  • Hi,
    Is there a way to forward a single port to multiple machines on my network?
    I have 3 dvrs, for some reason i cant change the port they use and they all use the same port.
    if i create an alias with 3 ip address as such (my internal lan)

    and i go to nat and create a new nat and rule to forward port 67 to the above alias, it wont work, i can not remotely connect.

    if i only open this port for ONE machine at a time, then it works.

    so my question is, is there a way to make a single port be opened to multiple machines / ip on the internal network?

    Thank you

  • You have to use 3 separate port numbers, 2 non-standard, on the WAN side and forward them to the 3 DVRs.  This means you'll also have to specify the port numbers for the 2 non-standard ones when you try to access them.

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    For starters why would you be forwarding 67?  Is that the port, that is a dhcp port.  Did you just random pick that port?

    To show you what Jknott is talking about.  I doubt you want 67 so lets say you want to access your dvr on port 80 which seems more likely.

    You would setup these forwards

    publicIP:80 –->
    publicIP:81 --->
    publicIP:82 --->

    Then when you want to access say 1.89 you would connect to your publicIP:81 it would be forwarded to 1.89:80

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    Or don't do any of that. You should not expose weak systems like DVRs to the Internet directly. Use a remote access VPN to reach your internal network and you won't have any of these problems trying to connect to the DVRs.

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    ^ yes this is much better way to do it.  This is how I access anything on my network.  I don't have any forwards other than to my ntp server that is member of the ntp pool.

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