IP Monitor offline on USB LTE modem gateway

  • Im trying to have a multiwan setup that will have WAN = comcast and WWAN = ATT ZTE MF923 (https://www.att.com/support_static_files/manuals/ATT_Velocity_MF923.pdf) via USB. The MF923 was assigned as a interface ue0 and pulled a and gateway of from the devices dhcp server, I have internet access . I tried to find a way to set it to bridged/IP pass-through mode to pull the external IP but have been unsuccessful. So I just put the ip in DMZ on the device to prevent any firewalling by the MF923.

    The issues im having to configure load balancing & failover is that the IP monitor on WAN (comcast) works fine with google dns, but show offline on the WWAN with I can ping from the WWAN in the gui, on the lan when using the MF923 exclusively for internet access so im assuming the gateway can respond to pings. WWAN will show online if the monitor ip is set to (gateway ip).

    Anyone have a idea how to get ip monitoring working on this interface?

    I have attached some screenshots of my config. Please note that right now the WAN (comcast) will show an interal ip as I am configuring it behind another router, once deployed it will have a public ip.

    I also have upped the payload to something greater than 0 with no luck

  • Im still having this issue, also it seems the USB modem is not recognized as a WAN interface, no dns servers for this interface under status > interfaces. USB interface does not show up in traffic shaping either.

    How do I get pfsense to treat this a WAN interface?

  • Can anyone please help me?