New settings blackhole traffic for 15-60 seconds

  • Hey Team,

    New to PFSense for total gateway solution, was just wondering if I'm experiencing anything out of the ordinary, or if this is expected.

    Certain settings, such as adding new VLANs, changing NAT settings, or even adding FW rules, will cause the entire device to become unresponsive for up to 60 seconds.  I find this strange, because I have multiple interfaces, split across multiple NICs, so I don't believe any of the settings are overlapping enough to cause a total outage for so long.  I can understand that the GUI is unresponsive during that time, but I do not think the device should be dropping traffic just for adding a new VLAN interface and not even yet applying it to a physical interface yet.

    Any suggestions for troubleshooting?  I'd like to investigate some logging if possible, not sure how to start with that though.  Guess I'm more concerned if this is to be expected or not.

    Thanks for any recommendations!

  • Just thought I'd follow up with this one.  Am I the only one with this issue?  Running the latest stable, brand new build.  I don't think it's a system performance issue, as the CPU/Mem utilization is very low, and the NICs I have in the device are all Intel 10Gbps cards.

    It's very strange, the traffic blocking is only once the setting is applied, not navigating, installing packages, etc..

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It depends on what is causing the outage. It's definitely not normal to see that, but a couple different things could be to blame.

    For example, if one of your gateways is marked down and you have the option to kill states on gateway failure active, then each filter reload will kill all states, resulting in an interruption.