Failover on Layer 2 Interfaces

  • HI guys,

    I am setting up a pfSense FW that will be used only at Layer 2. Everything is working fine, except that I don't have any idea about how I can set the Failover between two L2 Interfaces, CARP can be configured only on Layer 3 and I will use bridges with L2 interfaces.

    Any help will be appreciated.


  • To be more clear.
    I have 4 Interfaces in the two pfsense machines.
    1.em0 - Management interface
    2.em1- Vlan1 - L2
    3.em2- Vlan2 - L2
    4.Bridge0 between em1 and em2 - L2

    If I create a VIP CARP for em0, I will have the bridge interfaces in Active/Active and it create a loop. Of course I am looking for a method to avoid this.

  • did you find any solution to this?
    I am also looking for same thing.

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