• I have many issues with this release !
    how can i help so you can fix those issues?
    Basically i am forced to reboot the router every 4/5 days as ipsec tunnels is no longer responding (the webqui does not do anything and the ipsec conf is not taken in consideration unless you restart the service)

  • You need to provide more information. Hardware? IPSEC config sample?

  • I also have to reboot ever 4 days. Its very annoying. I wish I had more details to give but I don't even know where to look. I don't use IPSEC and I think your IPSEC problems are a byproduct.

  • +1 for 2.32 instability. Now that it's clearly not an isolated problem I will pull all my production units back to earlier versions.

    Units become unresponsive. Different hardware. Outcomes are as bad as needing interface reassignment out of the blue when a hard reboot is required.

    I would also like to help, but nothing seems to get logged

  • Agreed, I get ngix failure every few days trying to access the https, wierd IPSEC disconnects to version 2.2.6 ipsec clients whenever the traffic gets increased on the VPN with matching MSS 1300, etc.

    any help would be great.

  • It's been pretty stable for me running a PC Engines APU2.