IPSEC with numerous partners

  • We are about to setup IPSEC on pfSense 1.2 to connect with various partners (not related companies).  We will have as many as 20-30 site-to-site ipsec connections (us being the main hub) - partners are on Cisco Pix, Cisco ASA, SonicWalls, Zyxel, etc.

    Question #1:

    Can pfSense 1.2 accomodate this many site-to-site ipsec vpn of 15-20?  Anyone care to share how many they have or had at most time?

    Question #2:

    Any known issue by connecting to those vendors above listed using pfSense 1.2 or know which vendor does not work with well?


  • 1.  ok, at least 10 IPSEC partners

    2.  can you at least provide another vendor you maybe also using (i.e. Cisco plus model, SonicWall plus model, etc)

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