Syslog-NG Package Broken after Update to Version 2.3.2

  • After updating to vesion 2.3.2, the syslog-ng (v1.1.2_4) "Advanced" and "Log Viewer" tabs started to appear as seen in the screen captures. The "General" tab is OK.

  • I just installed pfSense to check syslog-ng on it (I'm from syslog-ng upstream). I could get syslog-ng to work, but I ran into two problems:

    • no matter what "object type" I choose, the "object parameter" stays: { file("/var/syslog-ng/default.log"); };
    • I was surprised to see, that by default the new IETF 5424 syslog protocol is used. While it's superior, unfortunately only a few devices support it

  • What can be done about this?