• Has any one tried to install the latest beta on a DELL 1500SC.  I had great results upp until last Friday.  I have rebuilt 15 twenty times.  I have the rebuild pprocess down to a science.

    I have a EM0 adapter and FXP0 adaper in the machince.  I keep having some type of error with the adapters.  It keeps failing.  I can eith log on one time opr I can't ping it at all.  Anybody got any ideas?

    I really have some testing I like to do but are unable at this time.

    Spec's on the machine ar dual 1.2 GHZ processors with 2 GB of ram, a intel adaper(FXP0) and the on board (EM0).  I have a raid 5 array with 3 - 9 GB drives.

    This is driving me nuts the 1.2 build works like a charm.


  • One error I been seeing alot is:
    Warning: Invalid argument supppiled for each () in /etc/inc/ online 360.

    I also seen error concerning the EM0 network adapter.

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