• Hi,

    I installed minidlna package from FreeBSD repository, the installation went ok but upon starting for the first time I receive this error message below:

    #cat /var/db/minidlna/minidlna.log
    [2016/09/27 19:06:10] minidlna.c:1033: warn: Starting MiniDLNA version 1.1.5.
    [2016/09/27 19:06:10] minissdp.c:128: error: bind(udp): Address already in use
    [2016/09/27 19:06:10] getifaddr.c:109: error: Network interface ath0 not found
    [2016/09/27 19:06:10] minissdp.c:834: error: connect("/var/run/minissdpd.sock"): No such file or directory[2016/09/27 19:06:10] minidlna.c:1076: fatal: Failed to connect to MiniSSDPd. EXITING

    Can you help me what to do, what to check?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well for starters what are you interfaces called in pfsense.  From this error seems it can not even find the interface it wants to bind too

    "Network interface ath0 not found"