UK: pfsense + 4G , please recommend 4G device you have gotten to work.

  • Hi,

    I a different thread I am exploring the intricacies of maybe getting a Vodafone R215 / Huawei E5372  working with pfsense.
    The best instructions available involve flashing the device with non-official firmware, changing it's settings through serial commands, and using console commands to get it to show up in as a network card in pfsense…....and so far it doesn't seem to work.

    So now I'm a little wary of the "Known Working 3G-4G Modems" list.
    Let's try asking what someone has gotten to work:

    • Running pfsense 2.3.2

    • In the UK

    • Using vodafone post-pay SIMs

    • Solution will act as primary WAN

    • Happy to order any recommended device that you have gotten to work in these circumstances.

    Please let me know if you have a working example you would recommend.

  • For the benefit of others I wanted to mention my final solution.

    Turns out that getting a USB attached 4G Mifi/Dongle to work on pfsense is tricky, bordering on a fool's errand.
    Even if you get it to work there are issues, such a ppp not delivering LTE speeds, and mock-ethernet configurations potentially hanging on boot.

    Luckily, there is  an alternative, without all the headache:

    Just buy a 4G desktop router: and connect it to pfsense with an ethernet cable.
    Yes, you need to be able to afford it (got a E5186 for £120 off ebay), and yes you need the appropriate number of ethernet ports on your pfsense.
    But this approach is so much easier than trying to dick around with obscure settings on a very specific MiFi model.

    It's also easier to trouble shoot as you can manage and reboot each device independently. ;D