Hardware requirements

  • Hello pfsense :) Im jig from davao city, philippines.. Just want to ask if my requirement are good enough to handle 40 students with 1 pfsense server.. This is the specs : P5VD2 VM SE - Mobo, 1GB Ram kingston, Intel Core2duo 2.04 Processor, 2 NICS Cnet (a regular type of nic and a cheap one) .. 160GB Hardisk seagate.. I noticed that after sending a msg using yahoo messenger, users disconnected..I install IMspector and enable it..but also disable it..Same thing happend after sending msg to yahoo messenger it disconnect…

  • That hardware should be more than powerful enough, depending on connection speed. Have you checked to see how many states you are using, and what the current resource usage is?

  • While chatting with you you did a clean install and the disconnection problem with yahoo chat went away. So that makes me believe the problem was with some part of your config. To find out where the problem was put your settings back on the clean install. Make a few changes then test. Make some more changes then test again. Then you can determine exactly what settings or package caused the problem.

    As far as hardware you likely have a good enough machine for the job you want. The bottleneck is likely to be your internet connection.

  • Thank you for the reply :) Internet connection is really good and fast when i use netgear router. I compare it to the pfsense box and connect it with 40 units…Internet is slow if i connect pfsense.. My isp modem is Route type not bridge.. This is my diagram ISP modem Route type --- pfsense --- switch --- 40 units ...

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