Reboot Stuck at "Syncing disks, vnodes remaining…0"

  • Hello friends,

    I'm running on the latest version of pfSense on my ALIX 2D13 Netgate, and every time I reboot or shutdown  i got the following message;

    "Syncing disks, vnodes remaining…0..." it stays there FOREVER!

    FYI, I was advice to test it on OPNSense and no issue on the above. weird huh?

    Can someone please advice? Is this a FreeBSD issue or particular to pfSense?

    Thanks in advance.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    As far as I know that issue is that particular flash card not reporting that the sync is done. I have an ALIX that does the same thing. I haven't gotten around to trying a different CF. Next time I touch it will probably be to replace it with something with eMMC, mSATA, or M.2 and a full install. Or maybe an SG-1000.

  • thank you

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