• Hi guys,

    If anyone can shine some light into this, I'd be very appreciative.

    So for me to properly test while I home, and I typically home hard; I'd have to run off of the office IP range. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out a way to make accessible DHCP through IPsec tunnels on my pfsense router to my home. I used to do a Sonicwall to Sonicwall and acquire an IP via VPN, which was very easy. However I don't seem to see that here. I also had a failover in case DHCP via VPN cuts.

    I have seen the mobile IPsec but the problem is that my devices that connect to my sonicwall need to share my office IP range.

    Can anyone pull the blanket off of this? | (y.y.y.y pub.gw) [home site] –--ipsec---> [office] | (x.x.x.x pub gw)

    VPN is up, i've tried disabling DHCP on home site, and enabling IP helper and pointing it to (office interface IP), allowed UDP 67:68.

    This was much easier with Sonic to Sonic :P

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    I just need PFsense to be the DHCP server to another FW.

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