SNORT is not available in a PFSENSE PACKAGE section… ? Why ?

  • Hi,

    Why the SNORT package has been removed from the package section of PFSENSE ? Is it really so unstable ? When do you plan to put it there again ?

    Grzegorz Leskiewicz

  • Can I suggest you learn to use the search function and read the existing threads, rather than starting another one.

  • Easy Man…

    Could you show me the thread with a post pointing to the release date of the SNORT stable packet for Pfsense ? I did not see any unfortunatelly...

    When I tried to reinstall the package it dissapeared from the package install menu...

    I read, it was unstable and was removed, but I'd like to know the date of a stable release... just it.

    Grzegorz Leskiewicz

  • And, strangely, there have been threads on the subject of it's return date too.  The very same search function will find you those threads.

    Short answer - when it's released.  If you want it sooner then use the bounty system.

  • Snort is available on the 1.2.1 beta..

    Works really well too. No errors and doesn't crap out all the time.

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