Bypass boot prompts

  • Playing around with psSense in a virtualised environment.
    In my situation my instance just has a WAN interface only (single NIC). Interface is configured for DHCP.

    If I change the NIC card in the host hypervisor and then start the pfSense VM instance, I'm greeted by the "interface assignment option" during boot. (as well as the "should VLANs be set up now" prompt)

    This is all ok as long as there is access to the console to key in the options to complete the boot.
    But without, the boot stalls awaiting input and the "new" WAN interface wont load, and therefore I have no HTTP, SSL etc access

    How to make this work if there is no console access ?
    Is there a way to pre register a NIC type and MAC so that if the VM is loaded into a new headless environment with said NIC it wont stall ?

  • Manually adjusting the config.xml

  • Tried manually adjusting the xml via the console, but no luck.
    Adjusted the config via the Web Gui to make the interface hn0. Saved, powered down. Uploaded the new VHD and bingo, all good now.

    Thanks for the pointer.

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