Multiwan non-loadbalanced setup

  • Hi,

    I haven't used pfsense before but have a pre-use question.
    Currently we have a windows xp machine with multiple wan connections.
    We have a lan.
    We have 3 wan links as rj45 ethernet, static ip links.
    We have 2 wan links which are dialup.

    I would like to use pfsense as our gateway, with all traffic going down wan1. when wan1 isn't appropriate to use, I would like to disable this interface, and enable one of the other interfaces. Then I would like to be able to switch back, or switch to another connection. This may be a dialup connection. It should be a manual process, as in, I manually login and turn off one wan interface, and turn on the other. No load balancing, only one wan link on at one time.

    Is this possible with pfsense?


  • It is, but I really do not see why you would NOT want to have it automatic. You can configure Failover queues, so when one of your WANs fail, traffic will be going out the other WAN. I don't see the point on doing it by hand, but of course you could do it…

  • Thanks for the reply. The reasoning behind it… we have satellite internet as primary connectivity. This goes down a lot, for reasons such as a storm over one of the ground stations, or the antenna has just lost the sat and needs re tracking, or the buc unit has had a fit and needs resetting. If there is a storm over the ground station, I can get us on another bird with a different ground station, problem fixed. I would rather do that, and have the internet down, than pay 150usd for 10 mins of sat dialup becuase pfsense has automatically failed over.

    It most normal setups it would be fine for automatic failover, but for us, using one of the other connections means spending a lot of $$$$

    \Cheers. ;D

  • Maybe use a pfsense as a router in front of your devices and depending on what connection you want to use just change the default route.  That way the users gateway for their PC's is static and all you have to do is change the default route and all traffic will flow to that divice or gateway.  You could also use vyatta's opensource router.  I am actually in the process of testing it myself.  Supposedly also has a GUI.

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