Route specific destination IPs through IPSec VPN

  • Hello,

    tl;dr: is it possible to route a list of ip addresses via an ipsec tunnel?

    I installed an pfsense 2.3 and established an ipsec tunnel to the sophos utm on my company site. The tunnel works fine and traffic in the destination networks works also correctly.
    To RDP to our customers we set a NAT on their firewalls

    OUR /27 IPs -> RDP -> Server

    As i used an sophos utm on my site it works pretty fine with an OpenVPN VPN and we routed the customers ip addresses through the tunnel but (espect of our lan) nothing else. Now i like to use pfsense at my site and have to setup a similar solution. Is this possible?


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    Phase 2 traffic selector for each remote /32.

    If the other side was pfSense you could put the whole remote network in and only pass the traffic you want via IPsec firewall rules. Not sure about the Sophos.

    Why not OpenVPN if it works for you?

  • Thx. Thats a lot to do, but i will give it a try.

    I'm new to pfsense and did not find a tutorial for config the vpn to an sophos utm.

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    OpenVPN is OpenVPN. You will not find a tutorial for pfSense to every vendor out there. Is there a tutorial on Sophos' site for Sophos to pfSense?