Planning on going from 1.0.1 to 1.2

  • Hi All:

    As a total newb to pfSense, I've recently taken over an installation where pfSense guards the doors! :) After playing with the interface however, I'm happy to say I actually like it. It's simple, robust and functional!

    With that said, I also noticed the version in place is very old/out-of-date…

    So, I have made it a task to go ahead and to upgrade from the cur. ver. (1.0.1) to the latest/greatest STABLE+fixes version.

    In keeping with this goal, and the blog posts, I see that there are several 1.2.1 SNAPSHOTS out there that apparently have fixed some bugs on 1.2

    Shall I wait till the 1.2.1 STABLE release, or shall I go ahead and actually attempt to upgrade to one of these snapshots? Please keep in mind this is a PROD setup so I do NOT want to take anything down...

    Also, assuming upgrade is the way to go, can I just upgrade using the Firmware function, or are we talking about a total wipe/re-build/re-configure scenario here?


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