ADI RCC-VE 2440 / SG-2440 BIOS v10 … disappeared?

  • I had set up a script to watch the directory for changes, and noticed a few weeks ago a new "bios10.img.gz" appeared.  I waited a couple of days and then went ahead and flashed my homelab SG2440 with it.  No ill effects have been noted. On boot, my BIOS says "SageBIOS-20160701_130109".

    The other day, I noticed this file was pulled and is no longer available, we are back to "bios09.img.gz" as the latest (which actually seems to be the same code as the bios08.img.gz with just some changes to the actual flash util itself … SageBIOS-20160122_083040)

    Was Bios10 pulled for a reason? Should I try to roll back or --- ?


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    We have been testing that internally but I don't think it was officially public yet for wide release. If it was pulled it was likely because it's being replaced with a later version for one reason or another.

  • Ok no problem.  I will try to be less cavalier about installing these until they get published to

    I was just asking to know if bios10 would cause some harm to my firewall or if it was safe to leave as-is

    thanks  ;)

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    We are not shipping units with it and have only done internal testing so far, we are not recommending customers use it yet either.

    The doc is little lagging, 08 is the recommended one at the moment, but with 10 around the corner we'll update the doc when that's ready.

  • Do the RCC and SG units use the same bios?

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    Have to be careful with the wording there since There are RCC, RCC-VE, and RCC-DFF2 board types depending on the number. The BIOS depends on the actual hardware board.

    The 2220 is RCC-DFF2, the 2440, 4860, and 8860 are RCC-VE for example.

    If you're referring to Netgate vs pfSense store the BIOS is the same either way (depends on the board)

  • @jimp:

    If you're referring to Netgate vs pfSense store the BIOS is the same either way (depends on the board)

    Yep, this is what I was asking about. I have 4860s from both sides. Thanks Jim.