Need lan card suggestion

  • good day guys.

    I am using the latest version 2.3.2 of pfsense in my asus H81m-d board with 8 gig memory and intel i5 processor.

    Right now I am using the onboard and tplink pci-e lan card.

    I want to change my NIC to intel pcie cards but I do not know what particular intel server NIC model is the best because Intel models here are not purchase locally and I have no experience with intel NIC here.

    So may I ask for your suggestion on which Intel server model NIC should I buy.  Please kindly suggest me a model so I can look it up on google and try to compare them so I can decide.

    Thanks in advance.  I will be waiting for your suggestions guys.

  • I would check what is compatible with BSD.  This is a good habit for a process of procuring parts.  Don't leave anything to chance.

    I personally went with some OEM rebrand old stuff.  Every time I try to score something relatively new on the cheap it ends up being bad for me.

  • Hi Gen,

    Any update on what model did you use?

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