Another outbound NAT issue

  • I didn't find an answer… maybe I missed it an someone can point me to the right thread.

    I have two WAN interfaces: WANA and WANB
    My internal network is 192.168.100/22
    WANB is my default gateway.
    I would like all traffic from 192.168.100**/24** ( - to go out WANA.

    I set up an outbound NAT to, but it still sends out the default gateway.

    Any pointers?


  • Outbound NAT rules do not tell the system how to route traffic, they only apply IF the traffic gets sent out via the specified interface by the routing process. Search for "policy routing" for the proper way to redirect traffic with a multi-WAN. You do need the Outbound NAT rule on  WANB also so don't delete it.

  • The pfSense doc on policy routing is weak so I'll just paste it here:

    What is policy routing

    Policy routing in pfSense refers to the capability of routing traffic by matching it to specific firewall rules. Each firewall rule allows selection of a gateway. If none is selected, traffic goes out the default gatway or follows the routing table. If additional WAN interfaces (OPT WAN) or gateway groups are defined, these may be selected in the Gateway field when adding or editing rules to direct matching traffic as desired. This is primary used for multi-WAN, though it has other uses as well.

    tl;dr You do it via firewall rules where you pick a gateway for the rule to apply to.

  • Some mornings it's just not worth getting out of bed. Thanks to both of you, I have it working.