Looking for a way to modify ALIAS list realtime from a Pasword protected Webpage

  • So I would like to setup on pfsense  2.1 or higher a webpage  with password that when the user visits it will record ip and add it to an existing ALIAS

    I have been looking a the forms and google I know you can set an Alias to use at Web Page but it does not refresh frequently enough

    What I am trying to do is

    User visits  webpage


    It would http auth a username/password

    then add the ip of the client to the desired ALIAS for 24hrs.

    Sort of poor mans port kocking system…    has this been done already?


  • BUMP

    Is this a taboo subject in Pfsense?

    Sorry if it is… was not my intention.. just a thought of how to allow users  to remotely setup rules in a albeit limmited yet simple way.

    VPNS are not always possible and leaving my ports open for travelling users abroad is caused some issues of late.