• Hi,

    What would be the easiest way to connect pfSense to an L2TP service?

    I use an ISP which offers its services through a basic L2TP tunnel and I'd like to configure it as a gateway. It looks like the pfSense GUI is designed for L2TP with IPsec.

    Would I need to install a BSD package or could I use existing tools installed with pfSense?


  • L2TP as wan connectivity is pretty rare unless you're in some kind of college network, maybe?

    Normal ISP's don't do L2TP as wan protocol.

    But still, it's possible, you have to configure PFsense with a new interface(it's hidden under PPP interfaces, I checked mine) and the connection type should be L2TP.

  • Thanks, I wouldn't have thought to look there, although it makes sense now I know!

    However, I think I've found a bug in the GUI:

    I select to create a new interface of type L2TP, select the wan interface as the link interface and fill out the required fields, but even when they're all filed in I get the following errors at the top of the page:

    The following input errors were detected:
    The field Local IP address is required.
    The field Subnet is required.
    The field Remote IP address is required.

    and the connection is not created, this is frustrating as it would seem I'm very close to getting the tunnel configured. I think the same error has been reported here in the forums but I don't really understand the fix explained:


    I'm happy to file a bug report (if I can) but if someone could explain a quick fix work around I'd be grateful : )

    One last thing, I understood that when I connected to my L2TP tunnel I would be given an IP address so I'm assuming that the 'local IP address' setting will not be mandatory?