• We recently transitioned to fiber services and they have provided us with the following:

    Routed /30
    Network: x.97.98.4

    Network: x.97.220.112
    Gateway: x.97.220.113
    Useable: x.97.220.114 thru x.97.220.126
    Broadcast: x.97.220.127
    Size: /28

    We setup the wan of our PFsense box as x.97.98.6, gw: x.97.98.5

    I would like to us the additional 13 static ip addresses for various servers, however cannot figure out how to get them working.
    I currently have port forwarding setup for a single port, 443-> Perhaps that is causing the problem.

    What I have done:
    Setup a virtual ip: ip alias for x.97.220.115 /28

    Firewall/nat/1:1 : interface: wan, external subnet: x.97.220.115, internal ip: single host
    Firewall/rules/wan: interface: WAN, source: any, destination: single host or alias
    System/routing/gateways/ secondary gateway (not default) for /28: gateway: x.97.220.113
    System/routing/static routes/ destination network: x.97.220.112 /28 gateway: x.97.220.113

    However I cannot access anything when reaching x.97.220.115 from outside of our network. Internally, the page works.

  • If you assign additional "virtual" IPs to you unique WAN interface, then you will be able to handle, at port forwarding level, different forward rules based on destination IP without having to rely on different port for same URL (e.g.)

    This is somewhat easier than true reverse proxy, with slightly different mechanism.

    It also allows different FW rules depending on destination IP, which also means capability to have different public DNS entries pointing to these different IPs

    well, quite a lot of flexibility  ;)