• moved a friend from r7000 on ddwrt to a pfsense on a zoltac ci323 with 8gb ram; the r7000 is still performing wifi ap functions.

    on ddwrt, it was easy to setup a dmz for the voip adaptor - an obi device with service from anveo.com

    he was having call drops,etc with the pfsense box in place. changed the Firewall Optimization Options to "conservative" and that did not help.

    the obi box most likely needs to be setup as a dmz. i watched some videos, but am still somewhat confused.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    So I have to create a new interface; then assign the static ip of the voip adaptor to it; then edit the firewall rules to allow all tcp/udp traffic on it? ; then allow dmz to lan rule? then what?

    I need to be able to see the voip adaptor on my lan, but not have it troubled by firewall rules,etc. or is there a better way to do this? :o

  • VOIP traffic likely needs to be prioritized with traffic-shaping.

    DMZ or port-forwarding is likely a non-issue since these things would only help if the VOIP was non-functioning. Since VOIP is functioning, but not functioning optimally, it likely needs to have the proper bandwidth allocated with traffic-shaping.