• Hello

    I am currently trying to put up a test lab and I can not get any traffic to go to the wan port to give me internet this is what I have setup right now

    I am coming from my modem to the pfsense box from there I am running ip the lan IP
    I have that connected to my switch then my server 2012.
    The 2012 server is setup as a domain controller with DHCP and dns
    the dhcp is working fine assigning IPs to the client machines
    the DNS is am pretty sure that is setup as I can ping the pfsense firewall. Also I am getting internet to the firewall as I can install new packages, but non of my clients or server can get to the internet. I have even tried without the firewall connected and I can get out. Just nothing running with the 2012 server and the firewall

    Any Help will be great

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    It's probably either fireweall rules on the LAN interface or outbound NAT. Port your LAN and outbound NAT rules.

  • There are no rules set in either

    If i plug right in and use DHCP on pfsnese it works fine but when I try to run it DHCP with server 2012 I get an IP but no internet at all

  • 2012 dhcp providing the wrong gateway IP perhaps?

    Does the 2012 server have access to the interwebs?

  • The gateway that it is using is the one I set in the DHCP scope on server 2012 Can you tell me what the default gateway should be.

    I am new to trying to set something like this up by interweb you mean can I access other pcs on the network right? If so then yes I can remote desktop into them

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    It should be the interface address of the next-hop router used to get to the internet. Probably pfSense LAN address in this case.

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    If you want your clients on your network to use pfsense as their gateway to the internet (or other networks on the wan side of pfsense) then yeah your dhcp server has to tell your clients to use pfsense lan IP as their gateway.  Seems like that is in your case.

    This would be option 3

    3 Router N N/4 Router addresses

    I just happen to have a sniff of some dhcp traffic from another thread.  As you can see in the dhcp ack the router option 3 is given to the client, in this case.  In your case it should be your pfsense lan IP if your using pfsense as your gateway/router etc.

  • ok I will give that a try and reply once I change the gateway IP

  • Ok the default gateway seem to fix my error

    Can you alos tell me if I am adding another domain controller to my network would i also add the same gateway on that one as well.
    Also they will be in 2 diffrernt subnets as all

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    Any host needs a route to the networks it wants to reach outside its own subnet.

    The default gateway is the router the host will send traffic to that is not in its local interface subnets and for which it does not have a route in its local routing table.

    This is typically the interface address of the router on the host's subnet.

    Look at the diagram I link to below.

    The default gateway on Host A1 would be

    The default gateway on Host A2 would be