High availability problem in pfsense 2.2.2

  • Hello
    I have two pfsense 2.2.2 that each have : lan, wan and carp. Carp is a direct connection with cross cable between two device.

    pfsense A (primary)  : wan(vhid 1) –> Master , lan(vhid 2) –> Master
    pfsense B (secondary) : wan(vhid 1) –> Backup , lan(vhid 2) –> Backup

    but when I disconnect wan cable in primary device :

    pfsense A (primary)  : wan(vhid 1) –> INIT, lan(vhid 2) –> Master
    pfsense B (secondary) : wan(vhid 1) –> Master, lan(vhid 2) –> Backup

    so my network is not working.

    Please help me!

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. Why are you using an old version? At least upgrade to 2.2.6
    2. Preemption should take care of that, you could verify the sysctl, but frankly do you have a problem with people unplugging the WAN cable from your master firewall? I know it seems a simple way of testing, but in my experience it is an absolutely useless test.