• Hi all,

    So I've got an issue with one of my WAN connections. As we all know, with BT PPPoA we can connect through PFSense and we can usually get a connection with the standard username and password unless you have a static IP.

    So I finally got the username and password associated to the internet connection in question. So I enter it, save and now I've got an unknown status on the gateway.

    I have another connection running aside this so I've still got internet but nothing from this particular gateway. I've tried rebooting PFSense but still the same issue.

    I've also reverted back to the original username and password, saved and rebooted but getting the same issue.

    Any ideas?


  • Ah, after ages of wondering what on earth is going on, checking settings over and over, it seemed the interface had been unselected.

    So em0 was no longer em0. How annoying is that!

    Anyway, online and all good.