Cant get a network card to work :(

  • Ive had pf working for a while and newly I have changed to another computer. In the old computer there was a network card in the motherboard and used I PCI network card to match up LAN and WAN. In this new computer I put in a new PCI card, but I cant get it to work! Ive tested it in several computers and it workes fine, but when I plug in one of the interfaces it just say "no link up detected". (the light behind is working as well). I thought that maybe the card isn't supported by Pf, but it is almost the same as the other one. The same manufactor and physicaly it looks almost the same. Can someone help?

  • If the card is assignable it should work. If it is reporting no link up it's most likely a cable issue. Keep in mind that you need a crossovercable if you connect the card directly to another client and there is no switch in between.

  • Hmm… There is no cable issue :(. they worked fine on my old pf machine. It is a switch between (thanks for the tip btw). I just saw the post with all the supported hardware. I looked down the list but there is alot there I dont understand :( Do you know what I have to look after to find supported regular PCI network cards?

  • The chipset is more important than the card. For example the dlink dfe530tx is available in 3 hardwarerevisions (A,B,C). 2 of them are realtek based, one is via rhine based. I had some issues with these cards some time ago where a driver for the dfe530tx didn't work though it was a dfe530tx driver  >:(
    What does the OS detect the card as? Which driver is in use? Also check bios settings. You should have plug'n'play os disabled. Try resetting your nvram so the board has to assign the resources again on reboot and finally try another PCI slot….if all that doesn't help get another card, it's probably not worth all the trouble  ;)

  • Thanks, Ill try to do my best. There is maybe something in the BIOS that can be changed (didnt help to change PCI slot). But anyway, these used network cards doesnt cost much so I can just buy a new one. Thanks for the help though

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