Link Bonding or (link aggregation), even if it is just HTTP like the BBNA6401

  • Hello, I'm running PFSense 1.2 embedded on a Soekris net5501/70.

    My questions is, I have

    DSL ------> |            |
    DSL ------> | net5501 | --> LAN
    CABLE  ---> |            |

    I have load balancing working. However what I would like is aggregation of all three connections for 1 fat pipe. Broadband Network Aggregation is a phrase from these people ( after talking with them, their box only supports this aggregation with the HTTP protocol, and they wouldn't give out any details on their box or software, etc. I'm not paying $2,500+, something reasonable yes.. Anyways, does any one know how to make pfsense do aggregation even if it is just for the HTTP protocol?  Keep in mind the solution can't rely on the ISP, and must be accomplished on the client (my) end.

    I think what they are doing is having the box intercept the http request, then forwarding that request to all wan links, then re-assembling the packets and returning it to the requestor.


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