NAT and VPN - "masquerade" as another subnet via VPN?

  • Sorry for the fuzzy terminology here, I'm a generalist rather than a network specialist -  but in a nutshell this is my issue:

    We have a VPN connection to a partner who serves a number of other clients via VPN's. The private LAN subnet we use (and that all our servers etc are on, making changes somewhat non-trivial) was already used by one of their other clients, so they assigned us a different private IP range for the purposes of this communication.

    This was set up on our existing old Cisco (by a consultant) so that it "translates" our existing private network (192.168.xx.0/24) to the one they assigned us ( on the fly through the VPN connection, so we had to do nothing to our workstations or servers. So far so good.

    However, now I need to replicate this exact setup in the pfSense cluster we're setting up now. Where should I be looking, Outbound NAT?

    I'd really appreciate if someone could hit the high points of how to do this, and if I missed a resource that already describes what I'm looking for - my apologies, my google-fu failed if so.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    The BINAT settings in the phase 2 entry of the IPsec to them.

  • Ohh, of course, it would be in connection with the tunnel rather than NAT.  :-[ Thanks! Appreciate it. :D

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