Traffic between ipsec

  • So i've kinda put the DHCP thing on the backburner for now. What I simply need is to be able to reach from my VPN, through my office PFsense, my users VPN.

    my VPN to pfsense
    my user to pfsense

    I've added rules on the pfsense to allow any traffic between range to

    I've also added rules on my users VPN FW (..50.0/24) to allow traffic from my VPN FW (..10.0/24) and vice versa.

    However, I can't even ping between vpn sites.

    Has anyone had experience connection VPN sites using PFsense as a middle man?

  • Figured this out for wopping 15 views and no reply.

    Add additional P2 tunnels for each VPN. RED WAS ADDED TO WORK
    PFsense (

    VPN1 to (to me)
    local int <-><->

    VPN2 to (to user)
    local int <-> <->

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