Virtualized pfsense and now getting to make it work.. Need help

  • Well guys the subject does not tell the whole story. So the short version is that my WIFI router stopped working or works intermittently and therefore instead of spending more on new hardware i decided to virtualize pfsense(vpfsense) and use it as router+firewall. I have successfully got the router working, well there was nothing much to do it just started working from the get go, only issue was trying to figure out the ports mapped to wan/lan..

    So setup is pretty straight forward:

    I have server with 1 onboard fast ethernet port, used for management purpose only of the VMs.
    A NIC card of 4 gigabit ethernet ports, of which 1 is WAN and 1 is LAN. The LAN port is connected to the wifi router. The vpfsense is DHCP server and wifi router acts as relay.

    Management IP - 192.168.0.x
    WAN ip - public IP
    LAN IP -

    Now i trying to fix 2 issues:
    1> I want to enable another port in the NIC and get that it to work as 2nd LAN interface. Which will be delicately connected to a laptop.
          The problem is that it needs to access data of 192.168.1.x subnet. So i am not sure how to do it? what should be the ip, what subnets and what rules. I know for sure i cant add the 192.168.1.x subnet address to this port but then how do i achieve what i want?

    2> I have Transmission bit torrent enabled on the virtualized OMV(openmediavault) in the 192.168.1.x subnet but there is not traffic flowing. But at the same time i have transmission client in my laptop connected through wifi, which if 192.168.1.x subnet and it works. How can debug this ?
    I am looking for the correct solution to understand what the problem. Firstly, how is that it work from client of the same subnet but not VM with the same subnet. Secondly i did try few rules addition in NAT/port forwarding and i did see packet from VM from that specific port to the public IP on LAN port but i do not see any packets on the WAN port.

  • The Virtualization forum is here.

    what should be the ip, what subnets and what rules.

    Use any other private network subnet. for OPT1 interface.  Don't forget to add an Allow All rule since OPT interfaces do not get any firewall rules by default.

    How can debug this ?

    If two different clients on the same network behave differently then you need to look at the misbehaving client.  Local firewall on your OMV perhaps?

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