Rules, can't input single host or alias

  • Hello, Im new in this FW, I Apologize my English is to Bad, but a create this post because a have a proble creating a rule in the lan, when I input a  ip (  I can't save changes why the Fw show me  utiliza un formato que coincida con el solicitado(
    It uses a format that matches the requested)

    I neew your Help With this,
    Ronald Schneider

  • Please use forum search.  It really is your friend.

    tip: search for the English error message.

  • If you are using google chrome, just try different browser
    or update pfSense to the latest version 2.3.2_1 which is released yesterday.

    2.3.2_1 Features & Changes

    Worked around a Chrome bug with regular expression parsing of escaped characters within character sets. Fixes "Please match the requested format" on recent Chrome versions. 

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