Gateway Problems help please

  • Under System routing gateway. The gateway op1 gets an gateway i.p.

    At first it has the name dynamic. After a reboot an  i.p address is put automatically in there. But it is not the right i.p. Adress. How can i change it to the i.p. address i want it to be?

    The i.p. adress of a previous vpn connection appears there. And i have created a new one.

    Any help would be great. Because of this my vpn does not work anymore :(

  • Gateway IP is automatically assigned when "dynamic" word is written.
    Go System>Routing
    New , choose OPT1 and put your gateway there.

    Or go to Interfaces>OPT1 and put your gateway.

    if that didn't work
    try to put static IP for OPT1 interface not DHCP

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