Power supply died was replaced now pfsense installation issues (Solved)

  • So my power supply died on me I replaced it with a new one. Now when I try to reinstall pfsense it keeps crashing as soon as it gets to configuring mfs partitions. Sometime it just freezes their or sometime it just reboots if it passes their and start loading.

    Someone please help me.

    Pfsense version is 2.3.2.
    Motherboard is a ecs 865-m7 rev 2.0.

  • Ok your PSU died and you replaced it.  Did you run hardware tests to verify your remaining hardware is good?
    Is your new PSU verified good?  How does the 12v rail look?

  • well i tested it and i got 11.46 volts is that ok. Its not a quality psu its a generic one. i don't have the money right now to afford a quality psu.  Also what case and how many case fans recommended for pfsense.

  • It really depends - you want 12v though and it shouldn't move much.  I'm over generalizing a complex thing - but key points are the volts on the 12v rail close to 12v - is the number changing a lot? 
    11.46v could be ok depending on what is going on - does it stay at 11.46 like a rock?
    How about your other hardware?  Is it passing tests?

  • The voltage you see is probably an average. It's possible it's jittering all over the place, that's why you go for quality, you don't spend your time fretting about what it may be doing. 11.5v is less than 5% off of the required voltage, technically it should be fine.

    High end PSUs will run at almost exactly 12v, typically a hair bit higher, and even when looking at an oscilloscope with microsecond resolutions, the voltage is typically less than +- 1%

  • Thanks for the reply