Upgrading from 2.3.2 to 2.3.2-p1

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    I'm relatively new to pfSense. I've had pfSense running for almost 2 months now, and once I got it installed and tested it out, it's been rock solid. I'm always apprehensive about upgrading firmware or OS except for on Apple devices, where I normally wait a couple days to read up on reports and then I upgrade within a week of the release of new iOS or OS X. With all other vendors, I take a much more careful approach. I have no experience with the reliability of OS updates/upgrades with pfSense, so I'm being careful here.

    I've seen now multiple posts on various issues, starting with not being able to update to 2.3.1-p1 from GUI, to the wrong pfSense version being reported once updated to 2.3.2-p1, to certain services working under 2.3.2 no longer working under 2.3.2-p1, etc. Is this normal for an incremental update like the one from 2.3.2 to 2.3.2-p1 or is this something out of the ordinary for pfSense? I realize that the last remaining founder of pfSense left for Ubiquiti a couple months ago, so is this the result of the brain drain from the project or is this something minor that is to be expected from pfSense when upgrading to a point release?

    Thank you.

  • There's always going to be a few edge cases that fail an update, there is with every release. The reason it looks like a lot is they come here looking for help in fixing it. Also you don't hear anything out of the people who have successful updates. Squeaky wheel gets the grease kinda thing.

    I am one who updated without issue. If you're worried about it backup your config to a safe location and if it all goes bad reinstall and restore your config. Easy peasy.

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