FreeRADIUS XMLRPC sync not working automatically

  • Has anyone else had issues getting RADIUS users to sync from one box to another automatically and transparently?  In my case, I know it basically works, because when I go to Services > FreeRADIUS > XMLRPC sync and manually click the save button, everything works like a charm and my RADIUS users on (my primary router) magically show up on (my secondary router).  Nothing happens automatically, however.  The only other way the RADIUS users get synchronized is if I restart the primary server.  Under the FreeRADIUS settings I have enabled "Sync to configured system backup server" option, and everything else is getting synchronized perfectly.  Going to System > High Avail. Sync, I see that Authentication servers is checked. Clicking save there does not make a sync happen.  The really strange thing is that under /var/log/system.log, I see messages on both machines indicating that the RADIUS sync was successful, even though I can clearly see that users did not get transferred to the secondary machine.  Any thoughts?  Tips on how to debug?

  • More interesting info:

    If I delete a RADIUS user from the primary, it is immediately removed from the secondary (good).

    If I edit a RADIUS user on the primary, it is not changed on the secondary (not good).

    If I add a RADIUS user on the primary, it is not added on the secondary (not good).

    On the primary, if I go to Services > FreeRADIUS > XMLRPC sync, and click the save button, all differences are immediately copied from primary to secondary as you would expect (good).

  • The "Authentication servers (e.g. LDAP, RADIUS)" checkbox under System > High Avail. Sync doesn't seem to have anything to do with the freeradius2 package because the package continues to try XMLRPC syncs even when that box is not checked.

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