Mucked up my pfsense firewall? Reset everything?

  • Hi guys. I did something to muck up my pfsense firewall. I did it a couple months ago. Can't really remember what i did. I've been using my dd-wrt firewall until i had time to fix it. I've attached and image of what the system looks like when i boot up. If  you need more just let me know and i'll try to provide any info you need.

    What can i do so i don't totally have to wipe the drive and reinstall?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Not even going to look at that considering you posted a 2.6MB screen shot to convey about 256B of information.

  • Or to put it another way, that screen shot doesn't tell us anything significant.

    If you have a copy of your current config.xml, the simplest fix is probably a reinstall from scratch and restore the config.

    If you don't have a current copy you can try a rescue install to retrieve it (and/or previous versions) so you can do a full reinstall.

    Simplest and safest method overall.