No DHCPv6 lease for hosts with static IPv4 DHCP mapping

  • Hello *,

    I have a weird problem with my brand new pfsense install. I have a mixed IPv4/6 setup.

    Hosts without static mappings will received both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address from the router. DNS forwarder gets updated, and ping and ping6 works fine between these hosts.

    I now want to fix the IPv4 of one of the hosts. I created a static mapping for this. The host is fixed on IPv4 now, but does not get an IPv6 address anymore.

    I cannot add a static mapping for the IPv6 as well because my provider uses prefix delegation with dynamic prefix.

    Is there a setting I have missed? Or is what I want to do not possible?

  • Static DHCPv6 is possible. You don't have to enter the prefix though… pfSense will handle that automatically. All you need to enter is the host portion of the IPv6 address (i.e. ::5001, ::f00d:beef, etc.).

    I have two devices on my LAN with static DHCPv6 entries, ::4001 and ::4002 is all that I put into the address boxes when setting them up.

  • Thanks for the input, I am trying it now. I added the static mappings, but release/renew on the host still picks up the old address. Presumably because the dynamic mapping is still in online state. Is there a trick to dhcp/dhcp6 release renew when adding static mappings?

  • For Windows, you can run ipconfig /release6 and ipconfig /renew6. Not sure about other operating systems.

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