Help lan to dmz is shaping like lan to wan :(

  • hi, i have wan, lan, wifi, dmz interfaces. Setup pfSense Traffic Shaper with wizard. My WAN down speed is 15Mbps and up 2Mbps. This values i set for WAN. But now, speed between LAN/WIFI and DMZ is limited to this speeds. Without shaper i get full link speed between LAN and DMZ or WIFI and DMZ. In DMZ i have multimedia file server, and if i stream full hd video, with high bit rate, to LAN/WIFI, it is shaped to "wan" speed.

    Is there some tricks, that shaping only work for communication over WAN?

  • Between LAN & DMZ? What does that mean?

    Share your network topology and any other relavent details.

  • hi,
    speed from lan, wifi, dmz to wan is set in wizard to 15/2 Mbps. But, this same speed is also between LAN, wifi and dmz. This is what i dont want. I want speed between local network at full maximum speed, not sphaped speed of WAN. Because, when stream 4k video from DMZ to LAN, bitrate about 15Mbps is very small.
    I need shaped speed only to internet (to WAN), not between local networks.

  • Understood.

    There's a few ways to solve the problem. I dunno what the "proper" method is… I think you need to assign all LAN (WIFI, DMZ, etc) traffic to the qINTERNET queue.

  • It's shaping because it's matching your rules. You should create a rule that assigns local to local traffic to your "link" queue.

  • Ah, yeah. My mistake. Assign to the qLink queue.

    Isn't the wizard supposed to do that automatically?

    It might be easiest to create an Alias that includes all of your local networks, then use that in the appropriate firewall rule.

  • thx for answers.

    can you please explain more specific, i am new to shaping (lesson for dummy). I created alias, with subnets of all my local networks (, 192.168.10/24, Now i search, where to setup this alias.

    EDIT: looked to floating firewall rules and there is no rule with qLink. Is it missing?
    EDIT2: add screenshot

  • I little study and did this.
    1. setup shaper with wizard
    2. edit Traffic Shaper/By Interface. Click on LAn/DMZ/Wifi and edit Bandwidth (LAN,DMZ to 1Gbps, Wifi to 150Mbps)
    3. edit LAN/DMZ/Wifi qLink. Click on LAN/DMZ/Wifi qLink and edit Bandwidth (LAN,DMZ to 1Gbps - 15Mbps = 985Mbps, Wifi to 150Mbps - 15Mbps = 135Mbps). 15Mbps is my internet download speed
    4. apply settings,  reload firewall rules.

    I dont know if it is ok, because i dont know what set to "Queue limit in packets" in qLink.

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