• I'm experimenting with the traffic shaper but the rules i'm making don't seem to be working.

    I have 2 parent queues:
    down 14400 kbit
    up 960 kbit

    then I have 2 queues for http traffic:
    http down: bandwidth 25%, parent que is down
    http up: bandwidth 25%, parent que is up

    then I made the following rules:

    Now the problem:
    When I'm downloading from a website (testing with a 1000mb bin file) im getting full bandwidth (1.7mB/s). This should be around 450kB/s since I made the queue for http traffic 25% of the available bandwidth. How come this is not working, am I doing something wrong?

  • I believe for HTTP traffic shaping you have to disable the anti-lockout rule in pfSense.

  • That didn't work

  • You have to use upperlimit parameter to setup the hard upperlimit as you are requesting. Search the forum for explanations of how HFSC works.