• I restored freeRadius2 On pfsense 2.3.2 now eveytime the system reboots or recover froma power loss i have to go to the client tab open the client i added then save it. Without doing so when users try to logon to the wifi and enter their login details it says "Error sending request: No valid RADIUS responses received ".

    Can someone tell me whats happening with freeRadius2?

  • Seems no one here know anything about freeRadius2.

  • @tripplex:

    …eveytime the system reboots or recover froma power loss...

    I'd be more concerned with why your system is rebooting or suffering power losses. On the Freeradius side, sounds like the service isn't starting up with the system. Though, really you should be concentrating on keeping your firewall running without sudden failures before worrying about anything else. Solve that and you may find you solve the radius issue at the same time.

  • ok thanks but the reason for power loss i live in an area where the electricity company sometime suffer from power loss(blockouts) and i don't have the cash right now to invest in an ups. I have installed pfsense before with freeradius2 and it didn't suffer from this issue. so is it because i restored it from a backup why it is behaving this way?

  • Obvious question: Have you checked to see whether the Freeradius service is running?

  • Yes i have checked and it is running but i have to keep opening freeRadius2 and navigate to the client tab then open then client i configured, save it and it starts to work. So i am in a state of confusion as to why this is happening.

  • What do your logs tell you?