Cron job on pfSense, how to create one?

  • It might seem quite obvious how to put a new cron job on pfSense, but it isn't working for me and my knowledge is quite limited to troubleshoot.

    I download my current config, I search for the <cron>and</cron> on there. Restore config file, pfSense reboots, and everything is ok.

    			<command></command>/usr/bin/tar -czf /cf/conf/rrd.tgz -C /var/db/rrd/*.rrd 

    I have tried all kind of minute, hour, and I am unable to know why this would not be working looking at the other preconfigured cron jobs. I tried to run it once a day, at a given hour/minute, at a given hour, at several hours daily,… with no results.

    If I run the command /usr/bin/tar -czf /cf/conf/rrd.tgz -C /var/db/rrd/*.rrd from the Webgui -> Status -> Command prompt, it does work. I doo a "ls -la /cf/conf" and I see the newly created rrd.tgz with the current date/time.

    I am just trying to set up a cron job that will do a backup of the RRD data twice a day on the embedded version, so if the power goes out I will lose no more than 12h of RRD data.


  • Pushing the thread up!

    Does anyone know a solution till now?

  • I just login to the shell (of pfSense firewall) and setup my cron jobs by

    $ crontab -e

    At least this works here :) My cron jobs list:

    $ crontab -l
    */1 * * * * /usr/sbin/arp -an > /root/arp

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