Report on Darkstat & Diag_new_states under 1.2.1RC1

  • Recent RC1s up to incl. 1.2.1-RC1 Sun Aug 31 06:26:57 EDT 2008.

    Circumstance: firmware update (auto)

    Darkstat: does not collect stats until the interface is re-saved under 'Darkstats Settings' tab. No train smash but inconvenient (In contrast, Bandwidthd  carries on working without needing a re-save of the interface.) BTW, both lose their previously collected stats.

    Diag_new_states: after the update, this package does not reflect under 'Installed packages' but is in 'Available 1.2.1-RC1 packages' because it is not automatically re-installed after the update. Package in fact is installed and works fine.


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