• Hi

    I need help with finding the correct question to ask google. Or just a product that will do the following. I don't think pfsense will do the trick, but maybe theres a smart person out there that can help me :)

    My problem is that i work in broadcasting. And unfortunately, a lot of appliances, does not come with any security. Not even a password protected management interface.

    All of these appliances are already isolated on their own network, and there's restricted access, through our firewall.

    But what i'd really wan't is to have a iframe on a webpage that I make, that is password protected. This iframe is password protected, with some simple PHP.
    By this, the technicians does not need to use a specific computer, that has special access to the network, to do their stuff.
    They just need access to my web interface.

    The user goes to the web interface, lets call it The user is on He wan't to access can't access, but can. So the webserver, loads on the users behalf, and display that webpage in a iframe or something like it.

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